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Game Information

Here are the recent Varsity Volleyball scores for Faith Baptist Christian School:

8/23/2022`ICCSAWAYWon in two games25–21/25-15
8/26/2022FBCS - DanevilleAWAYLost in two games13-25/15-25
8/30/2022ChillicotheAWAYLost in two games27-29/4-25
9/1/2022Westfair - JacksonvilleAWAYLost in two games14-25/12-25
9/6/2022HopedaleHOMELost in two games17-25/16-25
9/8/2022Midwest AthleticsAWAYWon25-12/26-9/25-23
9/13/2022ICCSHOMEWon in two games25-12/25-16
9/16/2022GalesburgHOMELost in two games11-25/14-25
9/17/2022WestfairFBCA TournamentLost in two games11-25/11-25
9/17/2022HopedaleFBCA TournamentLost in two games13-25/17-25
9/17/2022UrbanaFBCA TournamentWon in two games25-14/25-13
9/17/2022FBCA - RosamondFBCA TournamentLost in three games24-26/25-21/5-15
9/23/2022WestfairMVCS Tournament Lost in two games15-25/23-25
9/23/2022North CountyMVCS Tournament Won in two games25-14/25-14
9/23/2022AgapeMVCS Tournament Lost in two games13-25/9-25
9/23/2022RosamondMVCS Tournament Lost in two games15-25/19-25
9/23/2022Twin CitiesMVCS Tournament Won in two games25-11/25-11
9/23/2022AltonMVCS Tournament Won in two games25-13/25-21
9/27/2022Westfair HOMELost in two games10-25/17-25
9/29/2022Midwest Athletics HOMEWon in two games25-14/25-13
10/4/2022HopedaleAWAYLost in two games16-25/20-25
10/7/2022Geneseo AWAYWon in three games25-23/19-25/15-12
10/18/2022IACS Regional Game vs. East Moline AWAYWon in two games25-13/25-18
Total Won-11
Total Loss-13
Total Tie-0