Membership Information

The IACS is the state chapter of the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS), one of the leading organizations of Christian schools in the country. The IACS was founded in 1974 and over the years has grown to represent approximately 25 conservative Christian schools statewide.

As a state affiliate of the AACS our benefit program expands to a national scope affording a broad spectrum of both cost saving options (such as a national health insurance program) and professional helps. The IACS meets on a regular basis during the school year for information distribution, discussion of current Illinois educational issues or trends, and fellowship. Our state organization also sponsors a yearly teachers’ convention bringing in workshop speakers of national recognition. This convention gives our faculty and staff opportunities for professional development and spiritual growth.

Other benefits available to member schools from our state office include the following:  academic & fine arts competitions, state-wide athletic tournaments, state legislative monitoring, and free consulting service for various school questions. In addition, our national office offers a wide range of support services including national academic tournaments, the American Christian Honor Society, a teacher placement service, an achievement testing program, various educational publications, and a full-time staff member in Washington that monitors legislation and coordinates lobbying efforts.

The application process is simple. Your school must sign and return the membership application and be in agreement with the IACS purpose, doctrinal statement of faith, and philosophy of education. Please include a copy of your church constitution/doctrinal statement and a school handbook with your completed application. If all is in order, you will be contacted about arranging a site visit.

The value of schools of like faith working together to maintain our freedoms cannot be measured. The IACS provides a strong, unified voice in Illinois that is able to accomplish more together than any could do alone. We welcome all schools that share our philosophy and desire to see Christian schools grow and progress in Illinois.

Membership Application

Click here to download an IACS Membership Application in Adobe Acrobat format.

Prospective schools should complete this application (include signatures) and mail it to the address at the top of the form, along with a copy of their school handbook and church constitution/doctrinal statement. Please do not send payment at this time.

If you have trouble opening this document, you may need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software by clicking the link to the right.